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The Associated Subcontractors Alliance of Sacramento is a mission-driven organization with the goal of fostering unity and fellowship among the subcontracting industry in order to build relationships, communities, and structures as only together we can.

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The Importance of Preliminary Notices on Private Works Projects

Time and time again I receive calls from subcontractors and suppliers who find themselves faced with a customer who is either unwilling or unable to pay for labor or materials supplied for a private works project. As an attorney, the first question I usually ask is “did you serve a Preliminary Notice?” The second question I usually ask is “did you serve the Notice within twenty (20) days after first furnishing labor, service, equipment or materials to the job site?” The answers to these questions will often determine the ability to collect on the claim.

Learn more about the importance of Preliminary Notices on private works projects in our in-depth article.


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