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Congratulations to the 2019 Recipients of the Highly Coveted

ASA Sacramento General Contractor of the Year Award winners

Large Cap General Contractor of the Year

38_ASA GC of the Year 2019.jpg

Mid-Cap General Contractor of the Year (tie)

34_ASA GC of the Year 2019.jpg
36_ASA GC of the Year 2019.jpg
About GCOY


ASA Sacramento's General Contractor of the Year Award is one of the highest honors a general contractor can receive.  As voted on by the ASA Sacramento membership base, the GC of the Year recipient most embodies the mission statement of ASA Sacramento and is well known by the subcontracting community as one of the absolute best clients to build with in the Sacramento Region. They are known for treating their subcontractors fairly, their honest business practices, timely payment, and general support and appreciation of all subcontractors they work with.  


Interested in learning how your firm could become the next GC of the Year?

Contact the chapter Executive Director to learn how!

GCOY History


See Below for a quarter century of the best GCs in the Sacramento Region :

2019 Large Cap GCOY: DPR Construction

2019 Mid Cap GCOY: Flint Construction & Carter Kelly

2018 Large Cap GCOY: DPR

2018 Mid Cap GCOY: Flint Construction

2017 Large Cap GCOY: DPR Construction

2017 Small Cap GCOY: Flint Builders

2016 Large Cap GCOY: DPR Construction

2016 Small Cap GCOY: Flint Builders

2015 Large Cap GCOY: Roebbelen Contractors, Inc.

2015 Small Cap GCOY: Flint Builders

2014 Large Cap GCOY: DPR Construction

2014 Small Cap GCOY: Landmark Construction

2013 Large Cap GCOY: DPR Construction

2013 Small Cap GCOY: Landmark Construction

2012 Large Cap GCOY: Brown Construction, Inc.

2012 Small Cap GCOY: Unger Construction

2011 Large Cap GCOY: John F. Otto Construction

2011 Small Cap GCOY: Ascent Builders

2010 Large Cap GCOY: McCarthy Building Companies

2010 Small Cap GCOY: Carter Kelley

2009 Large Cap GCOY: Rudolph & Sletten

2009 Small Cap GCOY: Unger Construction

2008 Large Cap GCOY: Brown Construction, Inc.

2008 Small Cap GCOY: DesCor Builders, Inc.

2007 Large Cap GCOY: HMH Builders, Inc.

2007 Small Cap GCOY: Auburn Constructors, Inc.

2006 Large Cap GCOY: Flintco, Inc.

2006 Small Cap GCOY: Tricorp Construction, Inc.

2005 Large Cap GCOY: Roebbelen Contractors, Inc.

2005 Small Cap GCOY: Ascent Builders

2004 Large Cap GCOY: HMH

2004 Small Cap GCOY: Deacon Corp of CA

2003 Large Cap GCOY: Unger Construction

2003 Small Cap GCOY: C & C Construction

2002 Large Cap GCOY: Ascent Builders

2002 Small Cap GCOY: John F. Otto, Inc.

2001 Large Cap GCOY: Brown Construction, Inc.

2001 Small Cap GCOY: ASI

2000 Large Cap GCOY: DPR Construction

2000 Small Cap GCOY: Meehan McCrea

1999 GCOY: HMH

1998 GCOY: John F. Otto, Inc.

1997 GCOY: Unger Construction

1996 GCOY: Earl Construction

1995 GCOY: Unger Construction

1994 GCOY: John F. Otto, Inc.

1993 GCOY: Campbell Construction Company

1992 GCOY: HMH

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