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  1. Two GCOY Awards are bestowed each year.  One for the Large Cap GCOY and one for the Small Cap GCOY.

  2. To be eligible, GCs must participate in both the GC Expo and GC Panel events.

  3. Voting rights are exclusive to ASA Sacramento members only.

  4. The Primary Member for each Member Company will be contacted by the ASA Executive Director to provide a list of voter email addresses. Those voters will be contacted by email to make their selection via online ballot.

  5. ALL employees of Subcontractor Member Companies are entitled to one vote each, regardless of position.  Field, Accounting, Engineering, etc. are all welcome to vote.

  6. Affiliate Members are allowed a maximum of five (5) voters per company.

  7. General Contractor Members may not vote, but are awarded an additional ten (10) additional bonus votes for their year long support of the Sacramento subcontracting community.

  8. Voting will close at midnight the Friday before Thanksgiving.

  9. GCOY winners will be announced at the Awards Gala, the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

  10. GCOY winners receive FREE ASA Sacramento Membership for the following year!

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