Congratulations to the past recipients of ASA Sacramento's college scholarships

Madeline Clark - $1000 Award

ASA Member Affiliation: Roebbelen Contracting

Maddie has a variety of interests and talents, including: track, musical theatre, community service, choir and youth group.  She's attending BYU in Provo aspiring to be an orthopedic surgeon.  According to one of her mentors, "Maddie will make great contributions to society and will be a marvelous influence in her community and family."

Raymond Kelley - $1000 Award

ASA Member Company: Roebbelen Contracting

Raymond is currently working for Roebbelen Contracting while pursuing his CM degree at CSUS.  He has also been known to bartend and serve at the Tower Bridge Dinner.  One of Raymond's mentor/coaches says that "Ray's construction experience, combined with his desire to continue his education has impressed all those around him.  He has grown into a leader and a champion of the "it" factor.  He has "it" going on and I have no doubt he will be an extremely valuable member to his team as he continues his career."

Courtney Gallon - $500 Award

ASA Member Company: Roebbelen Contracting

Courtney plans to pursue a career as a Speech and Language Pathologist.  Her current plans are to attend CSUS.

Arnon Erba - $500 Award

ASA Member Company: Airco Mechanical

Arnon has his own computer repair and web design business called Computer Rescue.  He is very passionate about cybersecurity, web development and IT support.  He is attending Sac City College and plans to transfer to UC Santa Cruz.

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